Decaffeinating hypoalcoholemia

To Toni Chira, with hope

the news just breaking in say

horrible weather stays ahead

don’t leave your children outdoors to dream

they could be filled to the brim with melancholy

they could become infected with rancid sentimentality

they could drown from in a rough wind

or get carried away while they’re sick

delirious seahorse studs

wallpaper on their green skull

like moss growing on hospital walls.

the news just breaking in say

what a possessed time awaits us

do not let your children be born

they could be contaminated with illusions to the point of wasting away

they could get used to censored poetry

they could sniff each other out

or get the idea to revolt

hating edited family photos

upholstering their school years

like broken stained glass windows in abandoned churches.

better cover yourselves with the glory of ashes

lock yourselves in houses as paradigmatic snails

pull the blinds like sirens of memories

and abort yourselves into the future internet.

Marius Buculei

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